A New Generation of Hair Transplants

The least invasive technique in the market

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Vanguard, Know-How, and Focus on Detail

We are specialists

Our medical center is specialized in hair transplant, with clinics in Lisbon and Oporto we offer capillary services of excellence, using the most advanced practices and techniques of the modern day.

Our specialists in hair transplant are with you throughout the whole process. For each case, a plan of treatments totally personalized is created to give you back your capillary aesthetic, always with a perfectly natural result.

Our Philosophy

Consistently achieving a natural approach, personalized and delicate, using state-of-the-art medical technologies, safe, and effective – tested and validated by our specialists – and acknowledged by our high rate of satisfaction from our patients.

Our Essence

We exist to improve your capillary image, enhance your natural charm, and give you back your glamour. That’s the true essence of capillary aesthetic medicine.

What we wish

Offer yourself an upgraded version of your appearance, recuperate your self-confidence, and explode your happiness!

Attica Clinic: What makes us special?

Specialists in Capillary Transplant

Our whole team has a vast experience in the capillary aesthetic area. Our professionals are trained and specialized in hair transplant.

In Attica clinics, we place our whole expertise at your service.

Rigorous Medical Protocol

Attica follows a very rigorous protocol, a result of years of investigation and continuous practice. Only then it’s possible to guarantee total safety and the best results for our patients.

Attica’s Medical Team

Your security is our priority. At Attica, all the treatments and transplants in the scope of capillary aesthetics are carried out exclusively by specialized doctors with international training.

FDI Technique

We apply the capillary transplant technique – FDI (Follicular Direct Implant), the most advanced and least invasive at the capillary aesthetic level

Attica services of capillary aesthetic.


Have hair again with the hair transplant technique FDI (Follicular Direct Implant), the most advanced and least invasive in the market.

Beard transplant

Have a consistent beard: dense, without gaps, and with a natural appearance.

Eyebrow transplant

Recuperate your facial expression through the definitive filling of your eyebrows.

Capillary mesotherapy

Stimulate the quality and natural growth of your hair.

Capillary PRP

Regenerate your scalp and retard the effects of Alopecia.

At Attica what counts are the results

Resultado Transplante de Capilar Resultado Transplante de Capilar
Resultado Transplante de Barba Resultado Transplante de Barba
Resultados Transplante Capilar Resultados Transplante Capilar

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Terms and the Privacy Policy

Why choose Attica?

Clinical guidance

Our specialists offer the patients balanced and realistic expectations.

Attica Guarantee

We give our patients a guarantee of our services.

Medical team

Treatments and transplants are carried out exclusively by doctors.

Attica appointment

Rigorous diagnosis with resources from the latest evaluation technology.

Fast recuperation

We offer treatments that are the least invasive and allow fast recuperation.

Natural results

At Attica, we work the offer you natural results.

Safe clinics

At our clinics, we strictly follow all the orientations from the “Direção-Geral da Saúde (DGS)”.

COVID-19 tests

Before the transplant, we test our patients for COVID-19.