The Advantages of the FDI Technique

Discover the advantages of the FDI (Follicular Direct Implant) Hair Transplant technique.

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FDI Technique: Know the Advantages

The implantation practice performed by our team follows a rigorous and innovative protocol, ensuring improvements in the performance of the intervention and in the patient’s recovery.

Among the various differences that this new technique presents, we list below the most notable ones:

No swelling and faster recovery

With our protocol (FDI), the implantation of follicles is injected, eliminating the need to perform previous holes, reducing the trauma of the intervention, and reducing the amount of anesthesia and medication.

This implantation technique provides a faster recovery since there is no swelling (edema), and it is possible to return to daily activity the very next day, avoiding the need to “spend your vacation” to recover from a hair transplant.

Certified medical team

At Attica, hair transplantation is only performed by doctors and nurses. These professionals are trained and certified in hair restoration and are subject to continuous audits. In our clinics, only the doctor intervenes on the patient’s head.

Hair transplantation without shaving

Due to the specialization of our teams, it is possible to perform hair transplantation without need to shave the hair, ensuring greater discretion to the realization of this act.

No scars or visible traces

In the FDI technique, instruments of extra-reduced caliber are used, which makes all the difference in terms of marks and scars after the procedure

In the extraction phase, the e-puncher we use leaves no marks, which allows for faster healing.

In the implantation phase, we use a follicle injector. This high-precision tool gives the doctor full control of the depth, direction, and angle of each follicle. It is this that ensures the hair stays in the desired orientation.

With this injector, the specialist doctor performs the implantation to the right size of the follicle, not generating fibrosis, marks, or scars. It also allows the follicles to be implanted in close to each other, which results in a denser and more natural aesthetic result.

Total respect for the patient’s donor area

At Attica, our mission is not only to respond to the patient’s current needs but also to also to preserve their possible future needs.

We believe that it is our obligation to offer the highest follicular survival rate, through the least destructive extraction of the donor area. Therefore, with us, you will never be recommended to perform a hair transplant with excessive extraction.

0 risk of infection

At Attica, patient safety comes first, which is why the instruments used on the patient are disposable and there is no need for sterilization. At the end of the session, the patient witnesses their destruction.

The highest follicle survival rate

The FDI technique protocol requires that the follicles be preserved using a solution (HTS) that guarantees their survival throughout the process.

In addition, Attica hair transplants avoid anything that could represent a possible aggression to the follicle. This is why we do not perform follicle dissection, and why we also avoid the use of a microscope. This protects them from exposure to harmful factors such as light or temperature differences.

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