Beard Transplant: Get the beard you always wanted!

Beard transplantation is the ultimate solution for those looking to correct beard flaws and improve their appearance.

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Beard transplant

Beard transplantation is the ideal solution for all men who are not satisfied with the capillary appearance of their faces.

In men, the beard is one of the most relevant attributes in the expression of their masculinity.

A well-groomed, dense, flawless, and well-designed beard is a sign of virility and a strong personality.

On the other hand, an incomplete, thin, or non-existent beard can be perceived as a sign of weakness, carelessness, and poor virility, which ultimately affects self-esteem and confidence.

At Attica, we offer the best beard transplant solution, without incisions or scars, which allows you to complete, densify and design a beard in order to masculinize your face naturally.

What is a beard transplant?

A beard transplant is an aesthetic medical intervention, based on a transfer of hair follicles from the scalp to the face.

How is it performed?

Like scalp hair transplantation, beard transplantation is done in two stages.

In the first stage, our specialist doctor extracts the hair follicles from the donor area (at the back of the scalp) so that they can then be implanted in the implanted in the most hairless areas of the face.

The best beard transplant

At Attica you will find a team of specialized professionals and a rigorous methodology: the FDI (Follicular Direct Implant) technique, which allows for high efficiency in the realization of each stage of your beard transplant.

In our clinics, we apply the best practices to achieve the best possible result. Rigor and discipline accompany the entire process, from the initial assessment consultation to the patient’s full recovery after the intervention.

It’s the results that count

Resultado Transplante de Barba Resultado Transplante de Barba
Resultado Transplante de Barba Resultado Transplante de Barba
Resultado Transplante de Barba Resultado Transplante de Barba

Why choose Attica?

The face is a very delicate and exposed area where there is no room for error. A poorly beard transplantation, performed with inappropriate methods, can lead to small scars and an unsightly scars and generate an unaesthetic visual result, even worse than the initial situation.

A beard transplant based on the FDI technique is carried out meticulously, only by specialist doctors. It requires no incisions, so it leaves no traces or scars.

The implant, since it is performed with an injector, allows the doctor to recreate the necessary density with the angle and natural direction of the facial hair. The end result is natural and lasting.

The main advantages of Beard Transplantation with the FDI technique

Shorter recovery and no swelling
Qualified medical team
Transplantation without shaving the hair
No visible scars
Respect for the future of each patient and the donor area
No risk of infection
The highest percentage of follicular survival
Learn more about these advantages and how we guarantee them.

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We reduce the risks of beard transplantation

At Attica only certified doctors perform the intervention.

During the surgery, the specialist doctor is the only one to intervene directly on the patient’s face and scalp, with the patient’s face and scalp, with the nurse having only auxiliary functions.

The instruments we use at Attica are disposable (single-use).

In this way, we minimize the risks of potential infections and contagion between patients.

The utensils used are destroyed after the procedure and the patient witnesses this process. 

What to expect on the day of your Beard Transplant?

1. Patient reception: After arriving at the clinic, the patient is directed to a space room. There, he/she puts on disposable equipment and receives the necessary pre-procedure medication. During this time, the area where the intervention will take place is disinfected and prepared.

2. Pre-operative clarification: The doctor clarifies all doubts and fears that the patient may have. The objectives of the intervention are also reviewed together.

3. Extraction phase: At this stage, the specialist doctor selects and extracts the follicles from the patient’s donor zone.

4. Pause: After the extraction phase, a short break for a light meal follows.

5. Implantation phase: In this phase, the specialist injects the extracted follicles into the previously identified areas of the face.

6. Post-operative clarification: After the session, the patient is provided with all the necessary medication, as well as a document that includes a description of the care to be taken in the days following the intervention, in order to ensure a better recovery.

What about after the transplant?

After the beard transplant, each patient is permanently followed up by the Attica team to clarify any doubts. Evaluation appointments are always held to monitor the evolution of the results.

Frequently asked questions:

Will the result look natural?

The transplanted hair follicles are chosen and extracted from the donor area, one by one, to match the beard.

These follicles are then injected into the face using a high-precision injector. This instrument allows the doctor full control over the depth, angle, and direction of the implanted hair, ensuring a very natural result.