Prevent hair loss

Capillary mesotherapy is the first approach to the generalized treatment of weakened hair.

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Capillary Mesotherapy

What is it?

Capillary Mesotherapy is a medical treatment that consists of the infiltration of a compound in the scalp, rich in nutrients, such as amino acids and nucleic acids that stimulate the strengthening and growth of the hair.

What are the benefits?

Activates the blood flow, revitalizes the capillary follicles, induces the accelerated growth of the hair, increases capillary thickness and density, hydrates the scalp, and prevents premature hair loss.

How many sessions are necessary?

The treatment for hair loss, through mesotherapy, assumes the execution of 5 sessions that can or can not be associated with the PRP capillary treatment – Platelet-rich Plasma.

The results are even more lasting when the Capillary Mesotherapy treatment is combined with the PRP capillary treatment.

What are the contraindications of capillary mesotherapy?

Although there are no secondary effects associated with mesotherapy, there are some cases where this treatment is not recommended, such as: pregnancy and breastfeeding, infections or scars in the area being treated, Alopecia Areata, auto-immune diseases, endocrine diseases, history of cardiovascular problems, or even allergic reaction to some of the essential components in the formula being injected.

How does the Capillary Mesotherapy treatment work?

In this capillary treatment, all the nutrients necessary for the production of strong hair are supplied to the follicle, countering the characteristic miniaturization of Alopecia, where the hair grows thinner and shorter.

These treatments are administered through an applied injection, exclusively by a specialized and certified medical team.

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Mesotherapy and Capillary PRP

The Capillary Mesotherapy treatment, combined with the PRP capillary treatment, offers excellent results, fundamentally in cases where the hair has become thinner and less dense. There are plenty of patients of the female sex with this kind of observed framework after the appearance of the menopause, or in younger women with low levels of progesterone.