Follicular Direct Implant

The best, least invasive, and most advanced hair transplant technique today.

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FDI Technique: Hair Transplant in 3 steps

At Attica, we follow a strict protocol in each step of hair transplantation using the FDI technique.

We apply the best practices in the 3 steps of the process to ensure a quick recovery and, above all, the best result.

Step 1 – Extraction

The doctor starts the extraction of the follicles with the strategic and safe delimitation of the donor area located on the lateral and posterior area of the scalp.

The donor area is divided into squares for dispersed harvesting. This will ensure that the extraction sites and a greater harmony of hair density in the donor area is achieved.

For this first step, the doctor uses an e-puncher, which consists of a piece of equipment composed of a cylindrical blade, of extra small caliber and disposable, which allows it to extract the follicle precisely and completely.

This allows for the optimal use of the extracted follicles for subsequent implantation. The orifices are minimal, being practically imperceptible after the 2nd day.

Extração - técnica FDI

Step 2 – Preservation

In the second step, the nurse separates, sorts, organizes, and classifies the hair follicles, extracted individually, based on the number of hairs each contains, the average being 2,2 hairs per follicle.

Using the most advanced preservation technique, the sorted follicles are placed in a refrigerated in a refrigerated solution (HTS). This ensures the stabilization of the follicle’s metabolism, preserving its full integrity.

Throughout our intervention, we avoid anything that could represent some degree of aggression to the follicle. We dispense with any dissection of follicles, avoiding the use of a microscope so as not to expose them to harmful factors such as temperature differences and direct light.

Step 3 – Implantation

The follicle implantation stage using the FDI technique follows a unique and meticulous protocol. Follicles containing only a single strand of hair are injected by the doctor at the level of the hairline, giving the transplant a natural look.

On the other hand, multiple hair follicles are injected into the inner zones to provide greater density.

This innovative method does not require any prior incision: the injector carries the follicle and inserts it to the right size, avoiding the appearance of visible swelling and scarring on the scalp, consequences that occur with other techniques, such as FUT and FUE

FDI technique: multiple advantages for you!

  • Attica’s methodology allows a careful redistribution of the transplanted follicles, to create density and a tremendously natural hairline.
  • Being a much less invasive method, it does not cause the typical lesions of the prior opening of holes, avoiding visible scars on the scalp.
  • This method makes it possible to implant the follicles closer together. It is therefore possible to an optimal density of 40 to 70 hairs per cm2 for a very harmonious result.
  • Our extra-reduced gauge injector gives the doctor full control of the angle and depth of the implant. Thus, for each follicle, the natural direction of hair growth can be perfectly simulated.

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