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The importance of specialization

People who search for a hair transplant are confronted with a massification of information, which can confuse the understanding of the theme and, consequently, the differences in the services offered.

Many clinics promote transplants at very attractive prices, without emphasizing the quality of treatment or the techniques utilized. This advertisement “bait” looks to condition people to think more focused on the relation between the price and the number of hairs, deviating the attention from more relevant questions. It’s needed to understand capillary transplant as a complex medical act that implies the following of procedures, rules, and protocols, important for a good recuperation of the image and self-confidence of the patient. Accuracy and discipline should always accompany the completion of a transplant because they prevent the appearance of irreversible consequences for the patient.

At our clinic, around 20% of the capillary transplant sessions consist of the correction of transplants misplaced in other clinics that use as the main attraction the promise of lower prices. This number of sessions for capillary correction could present a larger dimension, unfortunately,
there are a lot of cases in an irreversible situation, given the aggressiveness of the previous intervention.

At Attica, we place all of our expertise at your service, through a free diagnosis, strict and complete that will help you reach the most accurate decision and change your life.

So, how is Attica different?

At Attica, the process of a capillary transplant does not follow a standard pattern, common amongst the majority of the clinics in the area, but a procedure that stands on three key factors:

1. The question of who executes the transplant

The hair transplant is considered a medical act by the competent entities, being, therefore, of exclusive medical execution. However, the majority of the clinics offer a service performed by technicians, placing their financial interests above the superior interests of the patients, which gives a bad reputation to the area and conditions the trust in the market.

At Attica, there is not any “extra/outside help”, since only the doctor can intervene surgically on the patient, from the extraction of the first follicle to the implant of the final follicle.

Each of our specialists (doctors and nurses) has passed intensive training and chose to totally dedicate themselves to the capillary area.

2. The importance of a technical support protocol

Many clinics execute capillary transplant techniques, like FUT, FUE, and Artas, that could be hard to understand, and, in a large number of cases, with a basis on simple training, transmitted between executors and without the necessary support protocol.

Attica follows an extremely strict medical protocol and regulation (FDI Protocol) result of years of investigation and continuous practice, integrating hundreds of steps that allow the uniformization of surgical processes, in a way of guaranteeing the best results.

3. The question of the type of technique executed

In a lot of capillary aesthetic clinics, the process of a transplant can bring some complications in the day-to-day life of the patient in the post-surgery period, since in most cases the emergence of swelling, trauma, and scars in the treated zone is recurring. These cons of the capillary transplant can condition the decision of a patient to choose or not to choose this intervention.

The technique applied by Attica – Capillary FDI – distinguished itself by the direct way that it performs the implant of follicles. Utilizing a special type of Choi implanter, modified, adapted, and converted into an injector that allows the transplant of thousands of follicles without resorting to the opening of previous holes, being less invasive and painful. This process occurs in a single phase, which offers a vast number of advantages, either from its fast recuperation or from the excellent result it presents in the end.

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