Promote capillary growth and slow down the effects of Alopecia!

The Platelet-rich Plasma (Capillary PRP) strengthens each follicle, guaranteeing more longevity, and stimulates and improves the growth of new hairs.

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Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

What is it?

The PRP capillary treatment characterizes itself as the application of a portion of the patient’s blood plasma in his scalp, with the objective of promoting the healing of the follicle and capillary growth.

The platelets represent an important reservoir of growth factors, when enriched with calcium ions, they reveal themselves as essential in the repair of all the human body’s tissues, including the capillary follicles.

The properties of cicatrization of the platelets act as intermediaries to accelerate the process of healing wounds or marks. In the same way, platelets assist in the regeneration of the cells. The platelets contain bioactive proteins (growth factors) and cytokines. Through the process of
degranulation these elements are released, attracting macrophages, mesenchymal stem cells, and osteoblasts, which in turn are triggered, promoting the removal of necrotic and degenerated tissues, contributing to the regeneration and reparation of the tissues.

At Attica, PRP is activated with DNA activators and enriched with calcium ions.

What are the advantages of capillary PRP?

  • Increase blood irrigation;
  • Accelerate the production of collagen;
  • Develop cellular proliferation;
  • Stimulate and incentivize capillary growth after seasonal hair loss;
  • Increase the diameter of the hair conferring it more volume;
  • Prolong the Anagen phase of the Capillary Cycle;
  • Slow down the effects of Alopecia;
  • Recuperate the tissues and follicles after the capillary transplant;
  • Accelerate the cicatrization of the donating and receiving areas;

The PRP treatment combined with the Mesotherapy treatment promotes faster and more lasting results.

Who should undertake the capillary PRP?

All the healthy people diagnosed with symptoms of reoccurring capillary weakening of various factors such as:

Seasonal Hair Loss – It is the ideal treatment to stimulate follicle growth after seasonal periods of hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia – In the clinical framework of Androgenetic Alopecia, is recommended the strengthening of the capillary follicles in the first phase to slow down hair loss.

Hair Transplant – The PRP treatment is also indicated for all the patients that undertook a hair transplant, once it accelerates the recuperation of the affected tissues of the donating and receiving areas, and stimulates the growth of the transplanted follicles.

Scars in the scalp – It is also indicated for all who have scars on their scalp deriving from various factors such as accidents, burns, and surgeries.


Who can not undertake it?

There are a number of situations where this treatment is not indicated such as:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Oncological history (cancer or metastatic disease);
  • Autoimmune disease;
  • Low amount of platelets;
  • Allergy to local anesthetics.

Steps of the PRP Capillary Treatment

  1. Extraction of a small sample of blood from the patient;
  2. Centrifusion of the blood obtained to separate the respective platelet properties;
  3. The plasma obtained is enriched with calcium ions (PRP);
  4. The PRP solution is injected at the level of the dermis, in the affected areas.

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Is it an efficient treatment?

The PRP Capillary Treatment is a process that, when well executed, presents a very interesting value for money, because, through an application without secondary effects, where the patient immediately returns to their activity, we can stop hair loss and increase capillary density.