Hair Transplant FDI

State of the Art in Hair Transplant 

  • Fastest healing in the market;
  • No swelling, pain, or complications;
  • Viability without shaving;
  • Certified medical team;
  • Disposable instruments.

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We take care of your hair like an artisan takes care of his jewel

Your hair is like jewels, and our doctors are authentic artisans, skilled in knowledge, experience, and sensibility. These specialists perform all the procedures meticulously, from the first extraction to the last implantation.

The direction, angle, and depth of the implanted hair are like the work of an artisan, respecting the natural implant of your hair for ideal growth. We elevate Capillary Medicine to the State of the Art, and our doctors to extraordinary artists.

Our Capillary Art recreates natural capillary results. As a consequence, we empower lives!

What is a hair transplant?

Simply, the capillary transplant is an aesthetical medical intervention of capillary follicle redistribution on the scalp, mainly indicated to all individuals affected by Androgenetic Alopecia.

How is it processed?

The follicles are extracted from a dense designated area by a donating area, situated in the back and lateral side of the head, and are implanted on the low-density or bald areas normally situated in the frontal, top, or occipital areas of the head.

Can the transplanted hair fall definitively again?

The transplanted hair can not fall definitively because they are extracted from an area of the scalp where the follicles are not vulnerable to Androgenetic Alopecia.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

Our specialized doctor will administer a local anesthetic in the various areas that are being treated so that you will not feel any kind of pain during the procedure.

FDI Technique

Follicular Direct Implant

FDI is Attica’s minimally invasive technique of capillary transplant. Our methodology accompanies and combines the best that the surgical technique of capillary transplant’s “State of the Art” has to offer.

Hair Transplant: What counts are the results

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Resultado Transplante de Capilar Resultado Transplante de Capilar
Resultados Transplante Capilar Resultados Transplante Capilar
Resultados Transplante Capilar Resultados Transplante Capilar

Why choose Attica?

The meticulous way how we perform each step of the hair transplant makes all the difference, not only in the obtained results but also in its healing.

A minimally invasive technique avoids pain and swelling in the following days and assures total respect for your donating area and for the future of your capillary aesthetic harmony.

In the FDI technique, each hair follicle is extracted individually to be later implanted on the scalp through an injector. This last-generation instrument with an extra reduced caliber gives the doctor total control of the direction, depth, and angle of each follicle.

Then, the trauma is minimalized, the healing process is faster and the result is 100% natural.

We know that the donating area of each individual is limited, because of this, in each capillary transplant we work to guarantee the highest survival rate of the transplanted hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia is evolutionary, which means that, as the years pass that could be a necessity for new transplants for a harmonious final aesthetic result.

Our specialists combine strategic and meticulous extraction with the most evolved technique of follicle conservation (HTS). Then, we can guarantee maximum survival of the transplanted follicles.

This way, we assure a higher availability of follicles in the donating area that could be used in future interventions.

The main advantages of the FDI technique in Hair Transplant

Faster and swelling-free healing
Equipa Médica
Certified Medical Team
Transplante Capilar sem rapar o cabelo

No need to shave the hair

Ausência de vestígios visíveis após o transplante capilar

Absence of visible vestiges after the hair transplant

More respect for the patient and his donating area

0 risk of spread

The highest follicular survival rate

Better understand these advantages and how we guarantee them.

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How we decrease the risks in Hair Transplant?

The intervention can only be performed by certified doctors

The doctor is the only one acting directly on the head of our patients in the capillary transplant. Our specialists are independent professionals, guaranteeing maximum ethical professionalism.

All instruments are disposable

To guarantee maximum hygiene and security for our patients, we use disposable material. The instruments used in each intervention are destroyed at the end, with the patient’s own testimony.

Qualified and specialized Medical Team

The capillary transplant with resources to the FDI technique requires rigorous training, intensive and continuous from all the intervening professionals. Each of our doctors and nurses are
specialized in capillary transplants.

What to wait for on the day of your Hair Transplant?

1. Preparation of the patient: The patient equips himself with a disposable uniform and takes the medication previous to the procedure. Then, the doctor does a pre-operative briefing with the patient to revise the objectives of the session and clarify possible questions.

2. Extraction of the follicles: The capillary follicles are extracted from the donating area, categorized, and organized in a conservatory solution to be then injected into the bald areas.

3. Hair implant: After a moment of rest, the follicles previously extracted and conserved are injected into the identified bald areas.

4. Post-operative briefing: Finally, the result achieved with the process is explained, and a document is given to the patient with all the post-operative precautions to be taken. It is also provided the necessary medication for the patient’s recuperation.

What about after the Hair Transplant?

After the performance of the capillary transplant, the patient will still be accompanied by our team. 5 evaluation appointments are proposed for the course of the following months.

Our team is always available to clarify all of your questions before and after the hair transplant.

Frequently asked questions:

Can the transplanted hair fall definitively again?

No, the transplanted hair can not fall definitively because they are extracted from an area of the scalp where the follicles are not vulnerable to dihydrotestosterone.

The transplanted follicles will have the normal life cycle of the hair.