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Attica, the excellence of Hair Transplant

Attica is a medical center specializing in capillary transplants. We offer our patients a simple, less invasive, and more transparent process.

We work having in mind, not only the necessities of today but the necessities of tomorrow as well. For that, we work hard to guarantee a more efficient harmonization of capillary distribution. At Attica Clinic we focus on the concerns, necessities, demands, and wishes of a modern patient, prioritizing service and result excellence, both at an aesthetic and emotional level.

Pedro Oliveira, Founder

After eight years of representing a company of worldwide reference in the sector of capillary transplants in Portugal, Pedro Oliveira created Attica Clinic in 2021.

The objective is to give continuity to the experience and to the “Know-How” accumulated over the years, giving them further importance faced with the reality of the Portuguese market. Today, with the offer of a service of excellence, we always place the superior interest of our patients in first place.

A team of specialists

Attica disposes of a team of specialists with international training, composed of doctors and nurses with experience and highly qualified, supported by a method with more than a decade of practical experience and investigation.

The search for perfection

The continuous training and audit of our professional teams require that we work with the most advanced techniques in the market. This accuracy, conjugated with the expertise and vast international experience of our specialists, offers excellent results.

FDI, our formula

Attica’s secret is in the use of innovative medical practices, combining the unitary extraction of follicles with its direct injection, through FDI (Follicular Direct Implant).

Therefore, we guarantee a minimal impact in each intervention, promoting a faster healing process and a capillary result more harmonical and natural, to each patient.

The results speak for us

We strongly believe in our results, and for that reason, we want them to speak for us!

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